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Ednam Bridge, Where many a famous son has crossed

The Lyte Family

Some time ago I posted a news item about a descendant of Henry Francis Lyte who was listed in a website which I came upon by chance. Mr Dilling is that person and since then we have corresponded regularly by email. As Bradley, who is from Georgis, USA, has a great interest in Scottish history he is keen to learn as much as possible about the Scottish Borders and his Scottish ancestors.

Henry Francis Lyte was born in Ednam, baptised in the Parish Church and attended the local school. It would appear that the happiest years of his childhood were spent here. Shortly after leaving Scotland the family was split up when his father deserted them, forcing his mother to return to England with the youngest child, George, while the two older boys were enrolled in Portora school in Ireland. Thus by the age of ten Henry Francis was separated from his beloved mother which must have been very painful for him (as his poem "Drreaming of my Mother" shows" shows). He never forgot his place of birth as is evident in his poem "On My Native Land"

Details, and pictures, of Henry Francis Lyte can be seen on page "People"on this site

Reverend Tom McDonald has written to Bradley with details of the Parish of Kelso North and Ednam. He included a copy of Rev Donald Gaddes' book 'One of Zions Gates'. Bradley tells me how pleased he is to have heard from Rev McDonald and how much this contact helps him to have a'feel' for the area. Like his ancestor he seems to be drawn to Scotland.It is to be hoped that,when he does manage to visit us, whenever that may be the knowledge he is now acquiring about past and present life in this beautiful part of Scotland will help him to feel part of this Borders community and enjoy the welcome which I know will be waiting for him. Of course he has now written by e-mail to the Reverend Tom.

  Ednam Village
bradley at work  

Bradley at Work

In the summer of 2008. Bradley did come to Scotland for two and a half weeks. During that time with us he spent some days in Edinburgh and also enjoyed a visit to the Highlands and Orkney. We spent four days in Ednam where he attended the Sunday morning service in Ednam Church which meant a lot to him as two of his ancestors , Henry Francis and his younger brother George, were baptised there. Henry Francis must also have attended Ednam school as the family did not leave Ednam until Henry Francis was seven years old. While in Ednam the present owners of Henry Francis' birthplace kindly invited Bradley to see the house. He has left with a treasured photo of himself taken inside the house, in the part which was the original "Cottage". As Bradley is a professional photographer he has a great many beautiful photos of Scotland, which he tells me he still looks at regularly. One of his favourite places is Inchcolm Abbey. On our visit there I found it difficult to ensure that we did not miss the boat back to South Queensferry. Orkney is another island which he hopes to visit for a longer period of time.

Bradlet tells me that he had a wonderful time in Scotland and found the people very hospitable (I think we all lived up to the reputation of being a welcoming people). Bradley hopes to return for another visit ansd see more of our beautiful country. Haste ye back, Bradley

The Waldie-Griffith Family

A member of the Waldie-Griffith family has contacted this site as she is researching her family history and is anxious to have any information of the family. Sir Richard Waldie-Griffih was laird of Ednam at the beginning of the 20th Century and the family were local people from Hendersyde. If anyone can give any help with regards to this family I can pass on the information This lady, Viv, is her name, sent me the London Illustrated News of i889 in which appeared the obituary of Sir Richard's grandfather, Sir George Waldie-Griffith. I have this paper and will be happy to let anyone see it if they wish. As it is so old it cannot be put on public display or it would not last. I was able to send Viv photos of the Waldie-Griffith graves which are in Ednam Kirkyard. One of Sir Richard's sisters married into the Taylor family, of Chipchase Castle, and although some information is available any more details would be welcomed.

  obituary of Sir George
grave in Australia  


As Sir Richard had no children from any of his three marriages on his death the family became extinct as the following extract from records shows.

of Munster Grillach,Londonderry
20 Apr 1858 UK 1 Richard John Griffith 20 Sep 1784 22 Sep 1878 94
22 Sep 1878 ? 2 George Richard Waldie-Griffith 31 Jan 1820 8 May 1889 69
8 May 1889 to 24 Jul 1933 ? 3 Richard John Waldie-Griffith
Extinct on his death - 24 Apr 1850 24 Jul 1933 aged 83

A lady called Robyn Doohan, from Australia who is researching the life of Sir Rihcard's second wife, Frances has sent me information about that lady. The plaque in Ednam Church is in memory of Lady Francis and I now have photos of her grave and headstone in Australia. The inscription on her actual headstone is the same as that on the plaque in Ednam church. I also have a copy of the announcement, in the Australian paper, of the engagement in 1922, of Sir Richard and Frances.

Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) Saturday 4 November 1922, page 24. News 546 words

Between Colonel Sir Richard Waldie Griffith, Bt., 4th King's Own Scottish Borderers, of Hendersyde Park, Kelso, Scotland, and Miss Frances do Burgh Griffith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Griffith, of Collie, Western Australia. Mr. Edward Griffith has two brothers in Victoria - Dr. C. A. Griffith of Berwick, and Mr. L. D. Griffith, manager of the State Savings Bank, Hawthorn.

Lady Frances died in 1925 so the marriage was a short one

Memorial Plaque in Ednam Church

Below are details of Frances´ war service in London
Name: Griffith, Frances de Burgh
Detachment: London/284
Rank: VAD Nurse
Date of Enrolment: 15.5.17
Date of Discharge: still serving 10.7.19

Summary of Service: Served at St Dunstan's Regents Park Auxiliary Hospital from 27.11.17
I have an email from a lady called Ashley who writes: "I have just finished ghost-writing the autobiography of a nonagenarian Sydney lady who was the niece of Lady Francis Waldie-Griffith. My subject remembers¬†´Aunt Fan´¬†returning to Australia from England in a wheelchair c. 1922 (after an accident at St Dunstan´s Hospital, London, where she was nursing) and coming to live at her (i.e. my subject's) parents´ home in Claremont, Western Australia. She also remembers Fan and Richard Waldie´s wedding, which also took place at the family home in Claremont. (Forgive me if you're not immediately familiar with the story of Richard and Fan, but details are on your ´Friends´ webpage so I'm assuming you are!) Anyway, I have downloaded the attached picture from your website and wonder whether it would be possible to publish it in the forthcoming book, which should be released in a month or two. For your information, Fan is mentioned several times in the book. Aside from her nursing exploits with facially injured soldiers from the trenches of WW1, her life is especially interesting because she grew up in Coolgardie, WA, right in the middle of the WA goldrush of the late 1890s. "

I have a request from another reader who lives in the USA and I would welcome any information regarding relatives of the Waldie-Griffith family so that I can pass it on. Mr Neil Webner writes "Dear sir, I note on your interesting web page a reference to a lady research the genealogy of the Waldie-Griffith family. From my very preliminary research, it appears that the information on the family given to you is accurate. I have the scroll from 1858 in which Richard John Griffith was named baronet. It is encased in a beautifully preserved leather bound case and includes a wood carving of the Griffith seal. I would love to see that a rightful heir has this in their family heirloom collection."

  ednam plaque

The Waldie-Griffith grave in Ednam Kirkyaird

  richards grave
Ednam Village  

Inscription on grave in Ednam

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