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Accident in Ednam

The bridge in Ednam was closed to traffic for two days this week following an accident on Wednesday, 26th October 2005, afternoon.
A very large lorry, belonging to a haulage firm, travelling to Kelso was in collision with a transit van travelling in the opposite direction.
In the collision the lorry hit the parapet of the bidge and fell into the River Eden. Fortunately neither driver was seriously injured.
The lorry driver managed to climb out of his vehicle unaided and, I understand, was back at work on Friday.
The recovery of the lorry took more time, and of course generated a great deal of local interest.
Since no one was hurt the operation provided interest without the ghoulish element.

Route taken by the van from Kelso


After the accident. Lorry was travelling to Kelso. Load is being removed and is placed on bridge ready for collection



The lorry landed in the river as it broke through the bridge

The next day the cab was recovered first and apparently can be repaired. The driver had been able to climb out


Most of the load had been removed before the trailer was recovered. In the process the sides were crushed but the chassis seemed intact and was towed away.

back to normal  

Almost back to normal

Back to Normal

By Friday evening the road was open to single lane traffic controlled by temporary traffic lights. The repair to the bridge will commence but will take some time. Life in the village is now almost back to normal. The drivers had a lucky escape

  Ednam Village
Ednam Village  

In July 2006 the work on the bridge was completed, and the road was, once again, fully funcional. The plaque in memory of Henry Francis Lyte was well worn and barely legible so was replaced with a new marble memorial. This however has not been placed on the parapet of the bridge, as the previous one was, but is now mounted on the wall within the church grounds opposite the little Prayer Garden


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