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Programme for Anniversary Week


Sunday 2nd - 9th October 2005

A week of events to mark the 900th anniversary of the granting of the charter, to
Thor the Long, to establish the Parish of Ednam

Sunday 2nd October at 10.30am in Ednam Parish Church - Morning worship with guest preacher Very Reverend Dr Sandy McDonald

Monday 3rd October at 7.00pm in Ednam Village Hall - A discussion of the history of the Charter with Rev Donald Gaddes, Audrey Mitchell and Christine Henderson.

Tuesday 4th October at 1.30pm in Ednam Village Hall - A short presentation by Ednam pupils of their work and research of life in the Middle ages

Tuesday 4th October at 1.30pm in Ednam Village Hall - A short presentation by Ednam pupils of their work and research of life in the Middle ages

Wednesday 5th October at 7.00pm in Ednam Parish Church -Psalms, Songs and Snatches (900 years of music with a chance to sing along) with Molly Pringle



Life in Ednam


Friday 7th Octber at 8.00pm in Ednam Village Hall -Ceilidh and stovie supper with music by Gordon Brown and Bill Redpath (tickets available from Betty Tait & Dagmar Knox £5)

Saturday 8th October at 7.30pm in Kelso North Church - Gaun Yersel Moses Glasgow speak (tickets available from Church Office £5)

Sunday 9th October at 6.30pm in Ednam Village Hall - School Presentation , Torch Light Procession and Closing Worship at Ednam Church followed by Refreshmants in village Hall

The Church will open to visitors Monday 3rd - Saturday 8th October from 12 - 4pm

A display of some of the children'd work can be viewed, at leisure, in the Village Hall throughout the week.

The Village Hall
After the celebrations

Well the week of celebration is over and what a successful week it was! The committee have to be congratulated for producing such an interesting and varied programme catering for all ages.




Reveille of the Birds
How Ednam celebrated

Well the week of celebration is over and what a successful week it was! The committee have to be congratulated for producing such an interesting and varied programme catering for all ages

On Sunday the Reverend Sandy McDonald opened the proceedings by preaching, appropriately, where it all began 900 years ago, in Ednam Parish Church. This uplifting service set the tone for the rest of the week.

Monday evening´s talk was well attended and lived up to its promise of interest. How could it have been otherwise when we had three excellent speakers to lead us. The Reverend Donald Gaddes, who was minister in Ednam for 24 years (1970 - 1994) and who is the author of the very informative book "One of Zion´s Gates" which traces the history of the Church of Scotland in Kelso and Ednam spoke about the Charter granted to Thor the Long in 1105. This charter which is preserved in Durham University is the first to be recorded at the time when the king was dividing the land into parishes and so Ednam is the oldest named parish in Scotland. Rev Gaddes explained how it all began and how it developed. Only a small part of the past 900 years was covered and I know everyone would have liked to hear more but alas time did not permit.


Revd Gaddes was followed by Christine Henderson, an expert on names and an ex history teacher who taught in Kelso. She linked the many town names ending in -ham, -ton and -law to anglo-saxon times and indicated the existence of the name Ednaham, or Edinham before the creation of the present parish of Ednam in the late 11th and early 12th centuries. The village of Ednam did not exist prior to the arrival of Thor but the name did. This was another fascinating subject which whetted the appetite and will, I am sure, encourage us to do some reading.

The third speaker that evening was Audrey Mitchell historian and author (one of her books being "James Dickson and his Legacy "). James Dickson was, of course, the bad boy made good. In this talk we were given a wide range of information. Conflicts and intrigues were mentioned while rivalries between the two old enemies the Scots and the English (happily all in the past) were explained.Again we wanted to hear more.

A sample of the children´s work

Tuesday afternoon - it was the turn of the schoolchildren to demonstrate their skills and show how hard they had worked to find out about life in the Middle Ages.

4,5 6and 7 opened the presentation with their band playing the Pilgrim Song, followed by a little drama, with some participants dressed in clothing of the times, telling us about life in a rural community 900 years ago (It made me appreciate my life of comfort in 2005).

Then it was the turn of P1,2 and 3 to entertain us with their dancing skills and they did so beautifully.
The presentation ended with the band leading all the pupils out of the hall - again to the tune of the Pilgrim Song.
A most impressive and comprehensive exhibition of their work was on display at the back of the hall.


This was a lovely presentation and not only were the children talented but they were friendly and well-behaved. Top marks to you all, Ednam Primary!

Wednesday took us to the Musical Evening which attracted a full house and proved to be most enjoyable. The children taking part were excellent and very talented. As expected the music was of a very high standard and the evening was another successful event of the week.

Friday was the date for the ceilidh and stovie supper - a fitting event for a Scottish celebration in a Scottish town. This too was well attended with all enjoying good music, good food and good company in a happy relaxed atmoshere. What more is there to say except thank you to Gordon Brown and his band for the music and to all who organised the food and the evening. It was super!

he comedy of "Guan yersel Moses " presented in Kelso North Church on SATURDAY proved to be hilarious and again was well supported. Congratulations to the artistes - their hard work was appreciated. Sunday the last day of the celebrations.. This event started off in the village hall where the children enacted a shortened version of their Tuesday drama. People who had been unable to attend on Tuesday were therefore able to get a flavour of the presentation.. This was followed by a procession round the village with all the children carrying lighted torches ( at least they set off with lighted torches but the strong wind that evening blew them out).

Success at last
They persisted however, by relighting the torches and eventually reached the church with at least some alight



Sadly the minister Revd Tom MacDonald was indisposed and Rev Gaddes nobly and with dignity stepped in to lead the service in this beautiful little church. He reminded the congregation that this church was dedicated to St Cuthbert and reminded us too of all the good and holy human beings who are now saints and arelooking after us. Those who were unable to atend may like to know the Order of Service:

Welcome and Introduction by Revd Gaddes followed by Hymn 160 "Praise my soul the King of heaven " There was then a prayer and a reading from 1 Peter 2, vv4-10. Some comments from Revd Gaddes preceeded the next hymn no 741 "Glory to you, O God, " Further comments from Revd Gaddes before he led a prayer and then the last hymn 198 "Let us build a house where love can dwell, " The service ended with the Blessing.

The Committee,Reverend Gaddes and Mrs Anne Welsh (School Head).

After the service refreshments were served in the village hall with the ladies of the committee once more supplying food and washing up. They must have had a tiring week but they gave no hint of that. Thank you, ladies!


And co-ordinating and overseeing the proceedings so efficiently was Mr. Brown, Convener of Ednam 900 Committee

The Rev Gaddes on Monday Evening


Well the ninth centenary celebrations are over and it will be 100 years before the millennium celebrations. None of us will be around to see that but when our descendants in Ednam come to plan that event they will have a hard act to follow.

  Ednam Village

Life in Ednam


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