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Ednam Primary School

Ednam has an excellent primary school situated in the heart of the village. The present school was built in 1911 and so celebrated its 100th birthday last year. The work displayed by the pupils and their input into the centenary celebrations was of a very high standard. THere has been a school in Ednam for centuaries and the early schools were vastly different from that of the 21st centuary. AS we would expect the lives of the children wer aslo very differnt from the live sof our modern pupils.. Earlier this school catered for children who would leave school and work on farms.

Even at that time Ednam was a progressive school and even had its own cow with dairying being a subject on the curriculum. The old log of the school makes fascinating reading and we owe a lot to those previous head teachers who kept such interesting and detailed accounts of school life. The current school has a proud history on which to build and a lot to live up to. I hope future generations will look back on today' logs with pride and be as inspitred by them as we are with the earier achievements. Ednam has produced many talented people (See "Sons of Ednam" on this website) and , for such a small village has influenced so many both far and near.

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