Ednam Village

Kelso Food Donation Point

Food Donation Point: Sainsbury's, Kelso North Church and St Andrews Church. Items currently needed are; Cereals, pasta, rice, biscuits, pasta sauce, jam or marmalade, tea, coffee, tins of beans, fish, meat, fruit, potatoes, tomatoes, other veg, soup, spaghetti or macaroni. Our urgent need just now is tins of fruit and meat.

Like many places people living in Kelso and District now have to use a Food Bank to get them through a hard time. Most people are referred after having their benefits sanctioned. We heard one story at a KCC meeting where a person was travelling to Hawick by public transport to go to the job centre. They phoned from the bus to say the bus was late and as a result they would be 5 minutes late for their appointment. However, when they got there they were sanctioned and had all money stopped, nothing to pay bills with and nothing to buy food with. Most people using the food bank only use it once or twice to get them through a difficult period.

More information from the Community Council − HERE


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